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ACCUPLACER Test Preparation

As an applicant for the Early College of Macomb (ECM), you will be taking the ACCUPLACER placement test at Macomb Community College in March. Scores on this test will determine whether or not you are ready to take Macomb Community College courses which include college level reading and writing skills and, in part, determine your eligibility to attend ECM. Students take the reading, writing and math tests to determine eligibility and placement.

It is critical that you do well on this test to make progress at the ECM and acquire as many college credits as possible during the time available to you. You can do much better on this test if you prepare. Please practice for the test. ACCUPLACER is a computer-based test; it will help increase your confidence if you practice on a computer.

Here are several websites with practice questions.

Those that most closely imitate the format of the ACCUPLACER test are available from these links:



More practice materials:

When you take the test:

Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test.

Remember to take your time!!! The math and reading portions of the test are NOT TIMED. You can have as much time as you need! Students who take the time to read the directions and each question carefully and to think carefully do better on the tests. The writing portion is timed (80 minutes). It includes 15 questions and a writing prompt from which you must write an essay. Be sure to review the “writeplacer” information above.

Make sure you are familiar with the test format and directions before you take the test.

Be sure to listen to the directions of the proctor for the test. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask the proctor for further direction on such matters as how to navigate to the correct pages needed to answer a question or for a tool such as a pencil or note paper, if allowed.

Take the test seriously! Your scores on this test will determine when you can start taking courses with college level reading, writing and math requirements. Do your absolute best when you take the test.

If you feel nervous, stop and take some deep breaths. You have all the time you need.